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About Concepcion

Concepcion and surrounding stand out for the variety of landscapes and of forms of outdoors entertainment. A little over 100 kilometers north of Concepcion , the city of Chillan, provincial capital of Dims, offers typical gastronomy and "hikes" to Termas de Chillan, where you can ski, among other attractions. To the southwest of Concepcion, it is the Nahuelbuta , where you can find a beautiful lake of the same name in no more than 3 hours of driving. You can enjoy a unique landscape marked by native forests where Araucaria trees stand imposing.

A few minutes from downtown Concepción are many beaches as Lenga, Tumbes or Dichato, where you can enjoy a wide variety of seafood, with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.

One of the must-see sights is a walk through the campus of the University of Concepcion, where we recommend visiting the Pinacoteca which has a large collection of Chilean art and a beautiful mural "Presence of Latin America" by the famous Mexican muralist, Jorge González Camarena.

Gastronomy: Conception and surroundings offer a wide range of cuisine, where preparations include seafood, combined with the best of the typical cuisine of Chile's central area. There is a wide range of restaurants, specializing in flavors of the world at affordable prices. In the city you can find a good restaurant of barbeque to great places to enjoy Italian, French, Peruvian, Arabic and Eastern cuisine.

Sports: The proximity to Termas de Chillan, allows the practice of winter sports since April on. The large Ecuador Park, a few blocks from downtown, allows for various sporting activities, such as running, cycling, football (i.e. soccer in the USA), hiking, tennis and skate.

Nightlife: Much of the nightlife is concentrated around the University of Concepcion, specifically near the Plaza Peru where there are bars and restaurants to start the night. "Health House" is one of the most popular bars due to its variety of environments, and live music. Bar "La Bodeguita de Nicanor" is also a people's favorite.

About Concepcion

Concepcion is located 510 Km south of Santiago (capital of Chile) and 399 Km from Chillan. It can be reached:

By air

There are daily flights from Santiago Arturo Merino Benitez Airport . The flight time is 1 hour

Airline Lan Chile / www.lan.com

Airline Skyairline / www.skyairline.cl

By land

Buses depart every 1 hour from the main terminals of Santiago. The trip takes 6 hours

Bus Terminal / www.terminaldebusessantiago.cl

Buses to Concepcion

Tur Bus / www.turbus.cl

Eme Bus / www.emebus.cl

Pullman Bus / www.pullmanbus.cl


Hotel El Araucano
Caupolicán 521 / www.hotelaraucano.cl
Reservations: reservas@hotelaraucano.cl

Hotel Club Presidente
Avda. Pedro de Valdivia 721 / www.hotelespresidente.com/es/suites-concepcion
Reservations: mriffo@presidente.cl

Hotel Aurelio
Salas 135 / www.aureliohotel.cl
Reservations: reservas@aureliohotel.cl

Hotel Terrano
Avda. Bernardo O'Higgins 340 / www.hotelterrano.cl
Reservations: info@hotelterrano.cl

Hotel Diego de Almagro
Chacabuco 156 / www.dahoteles.com/es/alojamiento/hotel-diego-de-almagro-concepcion
Reservations: recepcion-ccp1@dahoteles.com

Hotel Sonesta
Calle A Nº 809 Brisa del Sol, Talcahuano / www.sonestaconcepción.com
Reservations: reservas@sonestaconcepcion.cl