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Focus of the 8th ICEP

  Eucalyptus forest improvements for pulp and new products.
Eucalyptus wood quality and chemistry.
Advances in biotechnology and bioproducts.
Wood biorefineries.
Advances in pulping and bleaching technology.
Biofuels and bio-products.
Advances in black liquor recovery.
Advances in dissolving pulp technology.
Eucalyptus pulp and paper industry environmental issues.
New products from eucalyptus wood fibers.

Final Program

Place Universidad Concepcion Place: Hotel Sonesta, Talcahuano
Timetable Sunday 23 Monday 24 Tuesday 25 Wednesday 26
8:15 8:30     Registration    
8:30 8:45        
8:45 9:00        
9:00 9:30     Session 1: Wood and fibre quality (Calidad de madera y fibra)
Genética: una herramienta para mejorar la madera para pulpa
Keynote speaker: Claudio Balocchi (Chile)

Determination of structural and thermal features of cellulose from different eucalyptus species
Presenter: Isabel Carrillo, UdeC (Chile)

How relevant is the measurement on the so-called acid soluble lignin in eucalypt wood?
Presenter: Fernando Gomes, UFV (Brazil)
Session 3: Advances in bleaching technology Bleach Plant Optimization utilizing Novel Measurement Technologies complimented with Advance Process Control
Presenter: Marty Hoskins, BTG Amércias (Brazil)

Aplicação de catalisadores no branqueamnto de polpa kraft de eucalipto
Presenter: Valeria J. Gomes, UFV (Brazil)

Standard Ozone Bleaching Sequences for Eucalyptus Pulp
Presenter: Alexis Métais, Xylem Inc

Session 5: New products of eucalyptus wood

Nanostructured cellulose-based materials: from wood to high-performance materials and applications
Keynote speaker: Marc Delgado, University of Girona (Spain)

Utlização da lignina e fibras de milho na produção de briquetes de eucalipto
Presenter: Fernando J.B. Gomes, UFV (Brazil)
9:30 10:00    
10:00 10:30    
10:30 11:00     Coffee Break
11:00 11:30     Impacting Wood Extractives Content Through Cooking Additive Application
Presenter: Carolina Jardim, Veracel (Brazil)

Efecto de la intensidad de refinación en propiedades de resistencia en fibras de eucalipto: pulpa Santa Fe – CMPC
Presenter: Jorge Luengo, CMPC (Chile)

Evaluación del resistógrafo como instrumento predictor de la densidad básica en plantaciones de Eucalyptus globulus y Eucalyptus nitens
Presenter: Juan Pedro Elissetche, UdeC (Chile)
State of Knowledge of Oxygen Delignification
Keynote speaker conference online: Adrian van Heiningen, University of Maine (U.S.A.)

Strategy to reduce chemical consumption in a four-stage ecf bleaching
Presenter: Tiago E. S. Segura, Eldorado (Brazil)

Improved silicone technology for pulp washing
Presenter: Luciana Bava,

Kemira Chemicals Estudos de deposição de xilanas na deslignificação com oxigênio e seus impactos no branqueaemnto e qualidade da polpa
Presenter: Marcela Freitas Andrade, UFV (Brazil)

Enzyme Application for Bleaching
Presenter: Adilson J. Zanon, Buckman
Autohydrolisis/kraft pulping as a pretreatment for bioethanol, furfural and acetic acid production
Presenter: María Noel Cabrera, University of the Republic (Uruguay)

Incorporation of kraft pulp mill dregs and grits in clinker for cement portland production
Presenter: Caio Moreira, UFV (Brazil)

Pretratamiento enzimático de pulpa kraft de eucalipto para la producción de celulosa nanofribilada
Presenter: Sergio Henriquez, UdeC (Chile)
11:30  12:00    
 12:00 12:30    
12:30  13:00     Session 2: Advances in pulping technology

Enhancing Eucalypt Kraft Pulp Yield and Bleachability
Lecture Special: Jorge Colodette, UFV (Brazil)
Closing Ceremony
 13:00 13:30     Lunch Visit to Mill (Registration required on venue - Limited Capacity) an option between:

1)Nueva Aldea Mill, Arauco
2)Santa Fe Mill, CMPC
3)Technological Development Unit, University of Concepcion
4)FPC tissue Mill, FPC
13:30  14:00    
 14:00  14:30    
 15:00 15:30     Lignin structure, properties and valorization
Keynote speaker: Olena Sevastyanova, KTH (Sweden)

Polysulfide cooking technology developed for hardwood – Fibria’s study case
Presenter: Otavio M. Filho, Fibria (Brazil)

New laboratory techniques for evaluating the effectiveness of chip penetration aids for kraft digesters
Presenter: Scott Schnelle, Solenis (U.S.A)
Session 4: Improvements in envioronmental control and energy efficiency

Modern Practices of Environmental Control in the Pulp and Paper Industry and Future Challenges
Keynote speaker: Claudio Mudadu, UFV (Brazil)

Impacts in the effluent treatment plant processing the ash leaching effluent from the recovery boiler
 Presenter: Francisco B. Mattiazzo, Eldorado (Brazil)

Stability and resistance of aerobic granular sludge in bioreactors after addition of calcium
Presenter: Ismarley L. Horta, UFV (Brazil)

Maximizing pulp dryer production and efficiency
Presenter: Marcia A. Serra, Nalco
15:30 16:00    
16:00  16:30     Coffee Break
 16:30  17:00     Poster Session

Impregnation in Kraft Pulping. Explanatory Mechanism and Useful Predictions
Keynote speaker: Miguel Zanuttini, UNL (Argentina)

Efecto de número kappa de pulpaje de eucalipto sobre rendimiento y propiedades físico-mecánicas
Omar Uyarte, CMPC (Chile)
Influence of the alkaline residues of the cellulosic pulp industry on the characteristics of urban solid waste leachate
Presenter: Rogério M. P. Farage, UFV (Brazil)

Decreased water usage in an eucalyptus ecf bleaching sequence – full mill simulations
Presenter: Pia Jour, AkzoNobel

Mesophilic anaerobic digestion of bleached kraft pulp mill primary and secondary sludge
Presenter: André Rosa, UFV (Brazil)
 17:00 17:30 Registration  
17:30 18:00  
18:00  18:30 Opening Ceremony      
 18:30  19:00      
 19:00 19:30 Cocktail      
19:30 20:00      
20:00 21:00      

Keynote Speakers